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Favourites 101

Favourites allow you to save your favourite products to this page, making it easy to find products you like again in future visits.

How do I add Favourites?
To add Favourites, first find the product(s) you would like in your Favourites, then simply click the little star icon under the product's image, and it will appear in this list next time you browse here.

How do I remove Favourites?
To remove favourite items from the list, simply click the star again and it will go back to being an outline, and next time you come back to the favourites list it will no longer appear. (It stays visible until you leave this page just in case you would like to keep it on your favourites, and to re-add them you just need to click the star again.
You can also remove them from the list when you see the product when browsing for other products by clicking the star from there.

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